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 For our reds and white wines, we have chosen to source our raw grape juice from all over the world, Chile, Italy, California and New York from the finest vineyards. Our sweet wines are made with varietal grapes, then after fermenting are infused with fruit making for a sweeter, lighter wine. These “fruit wines” as we call them are especially popular with people just becoming acquainted with wine. It’s a great way to experience different grapes with different tastes in a slightly sweet wine.   

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 When we began this venture called 5 Schmucks, we decided that it made the most sense to keep things efficient and manageable. That way, we could create fantastic wines at lower costs and give more attention to each small batch. Even as we grow, we keep our vision in mind. We keep things as small-scale as possible: 55 gallon stainless steel tanks and small fermentation vessels allows us to experiment, to care for each batch separately, and to create complexity. 

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5 Schmucks Winery

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